10 Key Things to Remember in Your Kitchen Remodel

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A kitchen renovation might be one of your home’s most significant and transformative renovations, so it’s essential to plan, plan, plan. 

A perfect kitchen not only cranks up the value of your home but also maximizes function and creates an aura of peace, beauty, and tranquility in your space. 

If you’re thinking of revamping your kitchen, it’s crucial to plan early so you can nurture your ideas, plan meticulously, refine your design ideas, and iron out the functions you need. Cross Kitchens help you create the best kitchen you desire. If you’re thinking of a kitchen remodel, you’ve come to the right place. Here are the top 10 key things to consider when planning your kitchen remodel. 


  • Care About Your Cabinets

Kitchen cabinetry can provide the framework, theme, or finishing touch to your kitchen design. Switch up old wooden kitchen cabinets with glass-fronted ones. Pick shaker doors for clean minimalism or some open shelving for modern charm. No matter what style you want for your kitchen, choosing the perfect cabinet doors is essential in characterizing the style of your space. To discuss how cabinets can transform your kitchen, chat with us for ideas and easy estimates.


  • Lead With Lighting

Be creative with lighting. Consider the natural lighting in your kitchen, as this can be vital in planning a remodel, maximizing your well-lit areas, and designing spaces to face natural light.

For a fancy feature, hanging pendants look great above kitchen islands, and recessed lighting can bring the perfect amount of brightness to illuminate your space. Consider your kitchen size when picking lighting; the bigger the kitchen, the larger the features and the more lighting it needs.

Another great thing to plan for is including concealed lighting in your kitchen cabinets to modernize your space and create a sophisticated and stylish feature.


  • Better Your Backsplash

Is your current backsplash unpleasant or outdated? To give your kitchen the update and appeal you desire, it might be time to change it. There are hundreds of tile options for your kitchen backsplash, and it’s worth finding one you love. A backsplash is a great way to bring style, continuity, color, or excitement to a kitchen design, so it’s worth finding your favorites when planning your kitchen remodel. 


  • Kitchen Layout Love

Movement around your kitchen should be comfortable, functional, and easy. You need adequate space to maneuver around your kitchen. The National Kitchen and Bath Association suggests 12-15 inches of space around your range and 18-24 inches around the sink. A well-designed kitchen functions well regardless of its size, so get expert help when in need.

Here are some kitchen layout designs you could consider looking into

  • Double  L-Shaped design
  • U-shaped design
  • Corridor design
  • One wall design

Chat to our designers at Cross Kitchens to plan a kitchen layout that facilitates your lifestyle and needs. We will assist you in picking the best design after analyzing your kitchen size and shape.


  • Perfect Your Color

Pick a color that makes you tick. After all, your kitchen is your haven, so you must find a shade you love when choosing your perfect color. Picking a feature color for your kitchen is a simple yet classy way to bring style and vibrance into your central family space. Find any palette of colors that excites you, but our recommendations would be to find one bold color that complements perfectly with more subtle colors e.g., a rich plum with grays or an emerald green with beige tones. Picking one feature color can prevent you from over-saturating the space and keeping the look timeless. 


  • Modernize your Appliances

Kitchen appliances have changed over time. Upgrade your kitchen with modern kitchen equipment to improve functionality and cosmetic appeal. Consulting with an experienced kitchen designer can help you tailor your kitchen spaces to fit your appliances accordingly.

We know that new kitchen appliances can sometimes stretch your budget, so it’s essential to plan ahead and relieve the burden by working with a contractor who will prepare your budget with you. At Cross Kitchen, we offer financing to help you upscale your kitchen easily and affordably.


  • Count on Countertops

Don’t forget to factor in your countertops when planning your kitchen renovation. Whether bringing in new countertops or working around existing ones, plan them into your project to ensure they fit in with your style. Whether you’re picking granite, marble, wood, or another material, chat with your contractor to discuss style and implementation of your kitchen countertop.


  • Be Storage Savvy

Storage space in your kitchen is vital for order and function. While planning your kitchen, create lists of items you need to display, items that will remain hidden, things that need to be stored, and things that need to be readily accessible. This helps you develop an ideal storage design that guides your kitchen’s shelving, pantry, and cabinet design. Great storage solutions can transform a kitchen, so carve your space with beautiful customized storage designs.


  • Worry-Free Waste Disposal

Proper waste disposal for a kitchen is a key factor to consider during renovation. Consider convenience while placing your trash cans and recycling. How close should they be? Are they easily accessible? Is it big enough? Do not underestimate the importance of space for your waste when planning a kitchen renovation. 


  • A Professional’s Promise

From start to finish, your kitchen project should be well-prepared, well-researched, exciting, and stress-free. If you want a kitchen that caters to your functional needs and style, you can’t beat a kitchen contractor who takes care of the difficult part and works with you every step of the way. With a high-quality kitchen renovation expert, your dream kitchen can become a reality as we bring your ideas to life. 

Cross Kitchen will deliver experts to upscale, update, and transform your kitchen, bathroom, and basement construction and design. Contact us today to start planning your perfect kitchen remodel.

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