6 Common Kitchen Improvement Myths

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The kitchen is the heart of every home. It’s where we spend hours and hours on end, preparing meals for our families and friends. When it comes to improving this central space in our home, there are many myths that catch people out when planning a kitchen remodel. Believing these myths can lead to making crucial mistakes in your kitchen improvement project. Here are some common kitchen improvement myths you should avoid:

Myth #1: Your New Kitchen Needs To Be Trendy

Trying to keep up with the latest trends will likely cost you more money in the long run than if you’d just chosen a timeless style that suits your lifestyle. You also want to consider resale value when choosing a kitchen style; if it doesn’t suit future buyers, they might not want to buy your home. The main thing here is that you should choose what suits you and your lifestyle over how much potential profit could be generated by selling your house in five years—especially seeing as you’re the one spending time most time there.

Myth #2:  Kitchen Remodeling Is A DIY Job

While it’s true that some people choose to take on the project themselves, the truth is that upgrading your kitchen should be left to professionals who have years of experience in designing and installing kitchens. The best way to get exactly what you want in your new space is by working with an experienced contractor who can guide you through the process and advise you on every decision. Having a professional involved will also help ensure that any renovations are completed properly and within budget—a great benefit for those who don’t have much experience tackling home improvement projects!

Myth #3: Bigger Is Better

When it comes to kitchens, it’s not the size that counts, it’s how you use it. A kitchen’s utility is arguably its most important characteristic, so with that in mind, a bigger kitchen is not necessarily a better kitchen. Sometimes, you’ll find that a smaller kitchen is actually more functional than a larger one—especially if the space you’re working with is designed perfectly for families of one or two adults. In this case, think about what you use your kitchen for most regularly, and find ways to perform these tasks efficiently, without taking away from the aesthetic appeal of your space.

Myth #4: You Should Match Your Appliances and Cabinets

It’s a common mistake to think you must match your appliances and cabinetry. In fact, this can be exactly the opposite of what you want. A mismatch can be good for both style and function. For example:

  • Matching colors is usually a good idea as it creates visual unity throughout your kitchen.
  • Matching styles (“modern” or “traditional”) can also work well together since they are often compatible in terms of aesthetics and functionality (think: stainless steel vs wood).
  • Materials that are similar but not identical will also work well together (like white cabinets with wood trim).
  • Finishes that are similar in appearance but different in finish type (such as matte vs glossy) can look great when paired together by color or texture (think white cabinets with glass panels).
  • Finally, if you choose larger items like refrigerators or ranges, making sure they’re at least somewhat proportional to one another will help keep everything balanced visually while still allowing each element its unique personality within the overall design scheme of your kitchen space

Myth #5: A Kitchen Remodel Isn’t Worth the Money

You may be wondering if it’s worth the money to have a kitchen remodeled. The truth is that remodeling your kitchen is one of the best investments you can make in a home. Remodeling your kitchen can increase the value of your home by as much as 10% on average, according to Remodeling magazine. So not only will you have a more comfortable and functional space, but you’ll also have additional equity in your home after selling or moving out!

Myth #6:  Kitchen Remodels Are Too Expensive.

This is an all-too-common misconception, but one that can be easily debunked. While it’s true that some kitchen remodel projects can be quite costly, don’t let yourself get discouraged—you can have an amazing kitchen without breaking the bank. With the right guidance and up-front planning, you can find ways to make your project affordable without spending a fortune.

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