8 Kitchen Cabinetry Trends You Will Love for Years to Come

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Kitchen cabinets are not just for storage. Your kitchen cabinets can be useful, exciting, modern, or spacious, and are essential when it comes to the design, style, function, and appeal of your kitchen. Whether they are the framework or the finishing touch of your kitchen, it’s worth giving kitchen cabinets the attention they deserve when it comes to design.

If you’re looking for some kitchen design ideas that will stand the test of time, go no further than Cross Kitchens. We specialize in modern, beautiful, and practical kitchens customized to your needs, and we stay on the pulse of the latest kitchen trends so we can promise you a kitchen that checks your boxes and you’ll love for years to come. It’s never too soon to begin imagining your ideal kitchen, so here are the latest kitchen cabinet trends that will look great this season (and every season to come!)


#1: Minimalist Magic

Many argue that minimalism is the pinnacle of design, emphasizing style and functionality.

Having clean, clutter-free surfaces and elegant materials never goes out of style, and just because you choose a minimalist style, it doesn’t mean that your space can’t still be exciting too. The less is more look can be combined with stylish furnishings and textures to create a minimalist look that still brings depth and character. 

Shaker doors are popular in minimalist kitchens and have smooth edge profiles and straight, uncluttered lines. Cabinets like this go well in a contemporary kitchen, tying together different elements like the counter and the backsplash. Slick shaker doors can be complemented by luxe stone, gorgeous finishes, and sleek appliances that are guaranteed to look good in any space, shape, or lighting.  


#2: Two-Tone Kitchen Cabinets

Modern homeowners have various cabinet colors and methods thanks to technological advancements. Colors can range from bold colors to earthy browns and muted grays.

Finishings with two or more colors have soared in popularity over the last couple of years and will be a growing trend in 2023 and beyond. Magic two-tone examples include white cabinets on the top and a natural wood finish on the lower cabinets, making a visually engaging composition that brings both warm earthy tones and natural light into your kitchen. 

Another popular two-tone trend includes kitchen islands with a distinct color or finish that separates it from the cabinets – creating a kitchen look that is both modern and multi-dimensional.


#3: Space-Saving Cabinets

Nowadays, no one can live without their mobile devices, smart gadgets, and modern kitchen appliances – and kitchen design has developed to reflect this, influencing the layout and features of modern kitchens.

Nifty kitchen designs we love include hidden charging stations, wireless speakers, outlets inside cabinets, and even customized cabinets explicitly built to fit your large appliances. These designs aren’t just incredibly convenient but can help you maximize cabinet space and save you precious countertop space. These designs are only set to develop further in the future and help you stay on the cutting edge of both storage needs and kitchen design. If you want to talk about how to update your kitchen with space-saving solutions and modern technical features, call us any time, and we’ll be happy to build ideas with you. 


#4: Open Shelves

Today, open shelving is a “must-have” in many magazines. While this cute and quirky trend might not fit everyone’s style, for many who take the time to get their shelves just right, open or floating shelves can give your kitchen a modern, distinctive, cozy look that can prove incredibly functional.

Open shelving in the kitchen, as opposed to traditional wall cabinets, is quickly becoming a design favorite, and it promises two key advantages for homeowners:

  • For compact cooking areas, open shelves create an atmosphere that is bright and open, giving the impression of more space and light.
  • Open cabinets allow an open visual and easy access to all your kitchen dishware and appliances at one. 

With open shelving, it’s essential to give some attention to what you put on display shelves since it will be visible to everyone, and this has both benefits and drawbacks. Wine bottles, mason jars, and fruit bowls can serve as ornamental accents, adding to your design and style without extra customization, and can be traded out with changing themes and preferences. In an open-shelved design, every dish, cup, or glass can contribute to the appearance and feel of your kitchen as a whole, but allows no grace for extra mess clutter that might otherwise be cleared away in your cabinets. 

If you’re looking for something new, professionally designed open shelves customized around your lifestyle can lead to aesthetic harmony and optimal functionality, spelling a perfect solution for many kitchens. 


#5: Color Customization

One desire many homeowners have is wanting something beyond a standard or boring kitchen. For a one-of-a-kind home feature that makes a strong statement about who you are, vibrant color is one of the most powerful tools to make a statement or transform a room.

Colorful cabinet doors are an easy fix yet a powerful update, that can characterize your kitchen or give it a modern, stylish makeover. Colored cabinets can complement your existing home design or bring a pop of color to a previously neutral and impersonal space. Deep blue, forest green, and charcoal gray are some of the most popular colors flooding modern kitchens. Over the next year, we’re bound to see even richer, more luxurious shades showcased in designer showrooms such as onyx black, yellow, jeweled plum, and emerald green.

Many homeowners have turned to distinctive hues for a kitchen that stands out while still complementing its design. When purchasing bespoke cabinetry, finding a perfect shade for you can be the key to a life-changing cabinet renovation that your professional contractor will be happy to design.


#6: Oak Wood Dreams

Oak wood cabinets are making a comeback in the kitchen and bathroom industries. 

This rustic finish that came to prominence in the 1970s is back after a long hiatus; this time, it’s here to stay. This classic wood can bring warmth, retro decor, farmhouse chic, or modernity and can be layered into any environment and create the perfect look for your kitchen. Oak cabinets add depth of dimension and gentle richness while also promising versatility that can blend beautifully with any type of home, including cottage-style, coastal, minimalist, or contemporary.

Oak is used to create a wide range of cabinet door styles with unique details and finishes, from flush panels to flat slabs with inset details. Oak may either be used in its natural state or painted and is a strong material that will last a long time and look great. 


#7: Fluid Features: Tie In Your Kitchen with Your Home Design 

With open-plan kitchens becoming the dominant design in most modern U.S. homes, use the “little things” to your advantage by incorporating your existing interior design and furniture into your kitchen. A standard tall pantry cabinet can be transformed into a hutch or armoire by installing decorative wall cabinet doors, lighting, and a decorative treatment that match a living area or reception room. Explore our post on flat panel vs. raised panel cabinet doors for additional inspiration.


#8: Integrated Appliances

Integrated appliances, such as refrigerators, dishwashers, and trash cans, are growing in popularity because of their slick design that allows them to disappear entirely into the surrounding cabinetry. This polished look brings a uniform appearance and design continuity to your kitchen. Kitchen contractors like Cross Kitchens can help create custom panels on your appliances for an integrated kitchen, enhancing its visual appeal and sophistication.


For Cabinet Design That Can Transform Your Kitchen

There are many cabinet styles to choose from when remodeling your kitchen. The trick is to prepare ahead of time so that your design can cater for everyone in your family in terms of utility, aesthetics, and enjoyment. 

Increased access to design inspiration mean that personalized and customized design is becoming more popular and more accessible than ever before, and it doesn’t have to break the bank either. Homeowners looking for a one-of-a-kind, tailor-made look in terms of color, function, and layout, can now have the help they need when you contact your local kitchen contracting experts. 

Call Cross Kitchens for professional guidance, suggestions, and ideas for you kitchen cabinetry. For expert help in the Kansas City metro and design that can transform your life, contact us for your kitchen renovation project, no matter how big or small they may be. We offer FREE Estimates for any project, and can’t wait to help you.

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