Perfecting Your Kitchen for The Holidays

A kitchen with various Christmas themed decorations

Holidays, the most wonderful time of the year, are around the corner. We all know this joyous season comes with sumptuous meals, eye-catching decorations, and lots of gathering in our homes.

Many of these guests often love to gather around in the kitchen. Of course, it’s where the magic happens, from cooking and eating to bonding with friends and family. Thus, the state of your kitchen is more important than ever.

You need to create a festive and inviting atmosphere for hosting and entertaining your loved ones. Is your kitchen ready for the holiday? If not, now is the time to consider a kitchen renovation or designing a new kitchen. Cross Kitchens helps you create the perfect kitchen you desire.

If you are thinking of renovating your kitchen, here are some important tips, ideas, and trends to help you create that space you’ll admire.


Care About Your Walls and Floorings

If you didn’t put your kitchen walls and flooring on your priority list, it’s time to make some changes. This kitchen remodeling idea is one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to improve your kitchen’s look and feel. Adding a fresh coat of paint to your walls or changing your wallpaper will give your kitchen a new look.

When you install new floors in your kitchen, you might discover that they are easier to clean. This becomes handy during the holidays, especially if you often cook and clean the kitchen floors.

With so many options for flooring now, be sure to select the type and color that will make your kitchen remodeling ideas come true. While hardwood is still the top choice, vinyl is gaining traction. This is because it is water-resistant, looks like real hardwood, is affordable, and requires less maintenance. An experienced kitchen designer can help determine what flooring and walls fit your kitchen.


Consider the Countertops

Remember to factor in your countertops when thinking of your kitchen renovation. Are you working with existing countertops or bringing new ones? It’s best to include them in your budget and ensure they match the beauty and style of your home. 

Countertops come in a variety of shapes and sizes. If you want a design that caters to a large group or family, you need something that can stand the test of time. Cross Kitchens provide durable countertops.

While many countertops may look attractive, picking a material and size that can accommodate your guests this festive season is important. Engineered quartz remains the top material for kitchen counters. The perfect countertop can be an excellent finishing touch for any kitchen remodel.

Consider the following decorating tips for your countertop:

  • Use leftover countertop slabs to create a feature wall to achieve a luxurious and festive look.
  • Add some festive lighting effects to the feature wall.
  • Use neutral colors for your holiday kitchen countertop decorating projects.

Ensure you contact your contractor to discuss the style and installation of your kitchen countertop


Add Holiday Lighting

Holiday lights add a festive look to your kitchen. Great lighting in the kitchen during the holidays makes you feel more comfortable. But you don’t only want great light, you need a functional one. Here are three types of lighting to keep in mind when thinking about your kitchen design. 

  • Ambient lighting: This is the primary source of light for the kitchen. Consider using some dazzling pendant lights as a centerpiece for your kitchen.
  • Task lighting: Task lighting is brighter than ambient lighting and is ideal for a particular task. An example is the under-cabinet lighting that increases visibility in food preparation areas and countertops. 
  • Accent lighting: This light highlights an element of your kitchen design, like wall art.


Invest in Modern Appliances

If you are still using outdated kitchen equipment, you should consider upgrading it this holiday season. Old appliances are bulky and consume a lot of energy. Switching to modern kitchen appliances improves cosmetic appeal and functionality. You might consider getting a bigger refrigerator to keep all the meals you’ll need for the party. Or you may want to upgrade your dishwasher to limit your time washing dishes.

We understand that getting new appliances can stretch your budget at times. Hence, it’s crucial to plan ahead and lessen the burden by consulting a contractor that will draft your budget with you. Here at Cross Kitchens, we offer financing to enable you to remodel your kitchen without breaking the bank.


Update your Drawers and Cabinets

You’ll want your kitchen to be in order. Hence you need a place for your utensils, kitchen equipment, dinnerware, and more by utilizing the proper cabinet and drawer systems. This saves storage space and makes you comfortable, especially when cooking for many guests during the holiday party. Kitchen cabinetry can give the theme, framework, or finishing touch your kitchen needs. 

Replace wooden kitchen cabinets with glass-fronted ones. Choose open shelving for modern charm or shaker doors for clean minimalism. You can add a splash of spirit to your cabinet by hanging wreaths from them or hanging ornaments with fishing lines.

Contact us for ideas and free estimates to determine how cabinets and drawers can transform your kitchen.


Include A Large Kitchen Island

A common feature nowadays is incorporating an island to have a seating space in the kitchen. It makes the kitchen more welcoming during the holiday. Besides providing a seating space, islands offer more countertop space so that you can chop your veggies for a holiday stew comfortably. You can also include cabinetry underneath your island to create more storage space for kitchen gadgets or holiday dishes. Or add a sink and create a kitchen centerpiece. 

There are many options for making your island an amazing part of your holiday kitchen remodeling idea. If you don’t have enough space for the kitchen island, you can consider creating a moveable or rolling kitchen island.


Space Planning Is Crucial

Space planning is an essential aspect of a holiday kitchen remodel design. Movement around your kitchen should be easy, comfortable, and functional. Work with a professional designer to design a functional layout for you and help determine how to use your kitchen space properly. This will enable you to create a warm and inviting atmosphere, increase efficiency, and up your home’s appeal.


Get Your Holiday Kitchen Ready

Renovating your kitchen is important to creating a welcoming space and unforgettable dining with your guests. Your kitchen project should be well-researched and well-prepared. At the same time, it should be stress-free and exciting at every step. 

Thus, you need an experienced kitchen contractor who does the difficult part while you plan what delicious meals to cook. An experienced kitchen renovation expert can give you designs that fit your functions, needs, style, and enjoyment.

Cross Kitchen will deliver professionals to update, upscale, and transform your kitchen construction and design. We offer free estimates for any project. Contact us today to begin planning your dream kitchen remodeling.

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