Ring in the New Year with a New Kitchen

An updated kitchen to celebrate the new year

The New Year always brings a fresh perspective, and many homeowners are already scouring the internet for the perfect kitchen ideas to refresh their home for 2023. Personally, we think remodels make for great New Year’s resolutions — redesigning your space into one that inspires you throughout the rest of the year!

Are you interested in remodeling your kitchen this year, but not sure where to start? Here are some of the best ways to give your kitchen a makeover, plus the top trends we’re seeing for each going into 2023. 


Update or Replace Your Cabinets

Revamping your kitchen cabinets is a great way to completely transform your kitchen. But it doesn’t have to involve fully replacing them if your cabinets have good bones! A fresh coat of paint or refinishing can go a long way, paired with some beautiful hardware.

2023 Cabinet Trends We Love:

  • Darker colors are making their way back onto kitchen cabinets this year, either through dark-stained wood or even black cabinetry. This is a great way to create a moodier vibe in your kitchen that feels totally unique!
  • The farmhouse aesthetic is still as popular as ever, keeping natural wood finishes near the top of the trends list.
  • If you’re looking for simple kitchen ideas for a totally unique look, creative hardware is a great place to start! With unconventional hardware like geometric knobs or tortoise pulls headlining the trends, the possibilities are endless.


Upgrade Your Flooring

When taking on a larger-scale remodel, redoing your flooring is a must! This kitchen concept really lays the foundation for a gorgeous new kitchen (literally) and can make dark kitchens feel lighter, small kitchens feel larger, and old kitchens look good as new!

2023 Flooring Trends We Love:

  • Light flooring (white-washed, light grey, or light honey tones) is a beautiful trend that pairs well with dark cabinetry!
  • If you have a small kitchen or find the idea of replacing your flooring daunting, you’ll love this one! Large planks and tiles make small areas feel spacious, plus they’re much faster to install since they don’t require as many pieces to fill a space!


Elevate Your Lighting

Want to really shed some light on your brand new kitchen? New lighting can make all the difference in the look and feel of your kitchen and can add a lot of unique character through the fixtures you choose!

2023 Lighting Trends We Love:

  • Statement lighting is making a comeback, and we’re here for it! Sculptural light fixtures can be stunning centerpieces above your kitchen island.
  • One trend that never goes out of style is sustainable lighting. Using LED bulbs is good for the environment and your energy bill of course, but we’re also seeing gorgeous light fixtures on the market made from eco-friendly materials such as recycled glass or bamboo.
  • To make your lighting trendy and practical, mix your fixtures! A good balance of pendant, recessed, and task lighting will ease the strain on your eyes throughout your kitchen, and you can introduce a variety of metallic finishes to create a fun contrast.


Refresh Your Backsplash

Redoing your backsplash is a simple way to make your kitchen look good as new with very little remodeling involved. It’s also important to replace your backsplash once in a while to make sure it is properly protecting your walls from grease, cooking stains, and water damage.

2023 Backsplash Trends We Love:

  • Simple black and white tiles are starting to dwindle in favor of colorful backsplashes that really make a statement.
  • If you’re not interested in loud, vibrant backsplashes, you’ll love the more minimal, sleek look of marbled backsplashes. As a bonus, they’re super easy to clean compared to scrubbing at tile grout!
  • Subway tiles are a versatile crowd-pleaser featured in many kitchen remodels!


Replace Your Countertops

The real focal point of a kitchen is the countertops. The color and material of your countertops set the tone for your entire kitchen, so if you really want to transform your space we recommend including this in your remodel!

2023 Countertop Trends We Love:

  • Quartz is still going strong three years running. Being more durable and requiring less maintenance than granite or marble, we can see why!
  • In the same vein of quarts is quartzite, a seriously show-off-worthy material that is great for making a statement on your kitchen island.
  • Looking for something a little more rustic? Butcher block wood countertops are wildly popular going into 2023! Because they’re constructed with many different wood materials and finishes, the possibilities are endless for an original countertop design.


What Kitchen Ideas Are You Loving?

Are you feeling inspired yet? We sure are! Remodeling a kitchen may seem daunting, but it can be such a fun process with the right team at your side! Kitchens are our passion (hence our name), and we want you to feel as passionate about the heart of your home as we do about renovating it. Contact us today to ask how we can help freshen up your kitchen for the new year.

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