Storage Solutions for a Tidy Kitchen

A pair of hands open two well organized kitchen drawers.

You’re much more likely to use your kitchen if it’s clean and organized, making it a pleasant space to cook and host. But this can be difficult if you don’t have proper kitchen storage and organization, especially if yours is on the smaller side!

Here are some of our favorite kitchen storage solutions to keep your cooking and dining area tidy and quickly transform it into your new favorite room.


Update Your Cabinetry

One ideal way to boost your kitchen storage capacity is to update your cabinetry. Older kitchens tend to have smaller cabinets that don’t reach the ceiling, which is prime real estate going unused! 

Instead of having dead space for dust bunnies to collect, replace your cabinets with extra-tall shelving that goes all the way to your ceiling. This extra kitchen storage space will provide you a whole new shelf spanning the entirety of your upper cabinets and increase the storage capacity of your other shelves. These higher shelves can be perfect for items you don’t use daily, but still need to store. Think holiday plates and platters, small and special-use appliances or special occasion linens. Especially if you don’t have a pantry, good-sized cabinets are a must for improving your storage space.


Take Advantage of Unused Space

Kitchens are full of unique spaces you can turn into extra storage with a little creativity! Look around your kitchen and see if you have awkward spaces that could be used for extra cabinet or drawer storage, like around the sides of your kitchen island or under the breakfast nook built-in bench. Features like a lazy susan can maximize corner storage space too.

If you aren’t ready for a full kitchen remodel (or already did one and still want more storage space), consider adding some hanging racks to the backs of doors and cabinets! Your pantry door is a good place to add a hanging spice rack, and the cabinet under your sink can be used to hang cleaning supplies.

Take another look around your kitchen: are you really using all the storage solutions already available to you? For example, that false drawer that tips out just under your sink could be used to store extra sponges or bottle brushes!


Use Drawer Organizers

Even without adding extra space, a little organization can go a long way to increase your kitchen storage functionality and capacity. Reduce clutter by adding custom organization to all of your drawers so every kitchen tool has a specific place where it belongs.

If you’re doing a full kitchen remodel, this organization can be fully built-in. You can even create customized drawers or cabinets built for specific purposes, like a sliding spice rack or pull-out trash and recycling cabinet.


Consider Open Shelving!

Homeowners sometimes shy away from open shelving when trying to create a more functional, storage-friendly kitchen because they fear it will only add to the clutter, but we disagree! But a little open shelving can turn some of your favorite kitchen items into beautiful, practical decor. Floating shelves make your kitchen feel more spacious and are perfect for displaying your wedding china or even colorful appliances for a more industrial look! Bonus: You won’t misplace something in the back of a dark cabinet space!


Easy-Access Storage for Frequently Used Items

Again thinking about intentional kitchen storage rather than more storage, location is everything! Set up your kitchen storage in a way that positions each item near the spot where it is most used, and positions your most used items for quick access. Pots and pans should be stored next to the stove, either in a cabinet with an organizer to make grabbing the one you need easy or on a hanging rack above the cooking area.

Knives are often placed in a block on the countertop, but if you’re hurting for counter space, try this alternative: a magnetic knife strip! This wall-mounted kitchen storage solution gives you a place to hang your knives that won’t add to the clutter while still keeping knives accessible to you and out of reach of any children in the home.


Remodel with Purpose

Although some of these solutions can be added without remodeling, the best way to increase your kitchen storage efficiency is with a remodel! This is your chance to turn your kitchen into the space you’ve always dreamed of. Your Cross Kitchens team can create custom solutions to store all your kitchen appliances, servingware, tools and more. 

At Cross Kitchens, we love helping make your kitchen storage vision a reality and helping you discover the potential in your home. If you’re local to Kansas City, we’d love to chat with you about your vision for the perfect kitchen! Contact us today and let’s get started!

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