Home Remodeling Services

Remodeling Services We Offer

Not only is Cross Contracting your construction contractor source in the Kansas City area, we also have expertise with remodeling projects for just about every home remodeling idea:

Basement Remodeling

A basement remodel can be like a new home addition without the extra construction cost of room additions. Repurpose your untapped storage space into a pleasant living area for your family and friends to enjoy. Why not redesign your basement layout into a game room for your teenagers or maybe have an inviting place to host overnight guests. 

Our experts know how to work with the varied basement layout plans presented and are very creative in transforming your unique space. The possibilities are endless and Cassi (our design expert) would love to brainstorm about the many finished basement remodeling options with you.

Add value to your home with extra living space and raise the re-sell value of your home with a basement remodel. Cross Contracting can make your basement remodeling project a pleasant reality. 

Kitchen Remodel

Who is not drawn to the kitchen? The aromas of dinner cooking or that banana bread baking is a powerful pull that draws us into the kitchen. Our kitchens are the go-to place to brew coffee or steep a cup of tea when friends stop in for a visit.  

A well-functioning kitchen should be designed well; it will enable you to employ your culinary arts or just assist you in getting dinner on the table quickly.  
Create a beautiful dream kitchen design that is “yours” and one that functions well for your needs. Call Cross Contracting today.

Countertop Replacement and Repair

You will be amazed how much just replacing or repairing your countertops can transform your kitchen or bathroom. You can have an instant up-grade with replacement countertops that will up-date the appearance of your kitchen or bathroom.  

Countertop repair is also another budget friendly up-grade for your kitchen. You can have your current countertops polished or refinished. That burn spot on your laminate countertop can be repaired. Refinishing is available for surfaces such as tile, laminate, solid wood or cultured marble countertops. Even quartz countertops can be repaired or replaced. 
Replacing or repairing your countertops can happen in hours verses in days and is a simple budget friendly way to transform your kitchen. 
Kitchen with dark cabinets, stainless steel appliances, marble countertops, custom backsplash, and breakfast bar chairs

Floor Refinishing

Restore the beauty of your hardwood floors with floor refinishing. Cracks, gouges or warped boards in your hardwood flooring can be fixed to look like new; and a durable top coat will keep it new and protect your investment.   

Many different types of flooring can be repaired or refinished including bamboo flooring, laminate flooring and wood look floor tile flooring. 
Call Cross Contracting for a floor refinishing consultation.

Replacement Windows

Another impressive home improvement project is having replacement windows installed. 

Replacement windows can improve the look of your home, make in quieter inside, and save you money on energy costs. New windows are easier to maintain, offer improved function and are easier to clean. 
If window replacement should be your next home improvement project, Call Cross Contracting for obtaining a professional window installer. 

Siding Repair and Installation

Has time taken its toll on the outside appearance of your homes siding with cracks or discoloring? Did last week’s storm damage your vinyl siding. 

Cross Contracting can take care of any siding repair or installation you may need. Use our siding contractors to fix your siding repairs before smaller issues unravel into larger problems to fix later.  

The Cross Kitchens Process

The Cross Contracting process is what sets us apart from the rest. This process has evolved over years of practice and developing customer relations. 

We want to devise and execute a plan that will benefit you as the customer for all of your home contracting needs. 

Initial Meeting

Communication is the key to the Cross Contracting Process. It starts with an initial meeting where the groundwork for your project is discussed. We want a clear understanding of what you are looking for with your home improvement needs and desires. 

When we are positive we are on the same page for your home renovation vision, we move on to your budget. Our experience gives us a good understanding of what things cost. The budget for your complete project is accurately disclosed to avoid any monetary misunderstandings. 

Contractor Planning and Design Service

With the clear vision of your home remodeling ideas we engage our Contractor Planning & Design Service. We work with you to produce a complete blueprint for every aspect of your project.  

  • Fully Detailed Floor Plan 
  • 3D Rendering of Space to be Renovated 
  • Advice for items such as cabinetry, flooring, countertops, trim, etc. 
  • Finalized Cost For All Phases your Project 

Starting the Renovation Project

We begin your home renovation project only after your selections, plans and budget for the complete project have been clearly established.   

Cross Contracting will take care of all necessary documents and permits that need to be submitted. With your fixed budget defined we obtain all materials needed for your complete home renovation. Because we stay within your budget guidelines we do not accept changes after we have started your project.
We are also upfront with you about any unexpected problems that can often come up during a remodeling project. If an unforeseen event presents its self, we communicate with you first before going forward. We will discuss the additional work and cost changes with you first; and will not move forward until those changes are 100% approved by you.  
Our project Manager will keep you posted about our schedule and all aspects of your home renovation project to make sure any questions or concerns are addressed quickly and clearly. The intention is maintaining communication with you until your project is finished. We want concerns addressed quickly to avoid any issues. 
The final step in The Cross Contracting Process is walking through every aspect of your home renovation project with our Project Manager. Our Project Manager will provide a detailed check-off list for you to examine and sign off on after your approval. When your check-off list is finished the job is done and you can enjoy the beauty and function of your new home remodeling project.

Delivering the Remodeling Services You Deserve

Cross Contracting delivers the remodeling services you need and or desire. Your trust and satisfaction is our number one goal. The combination of our experience, connections and customer service will make your next home remodeling venture a joy to last for years to come.